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A family matter

Over the last hundred years, this unique property has transformed itself several times. From a cattle ranchers simple homestead to a beloved family retreat to a much awarded five star exclusive resort and guest ranch, Hidden Meadow Ranch has touched many lives in many different ways.

Now a private ranch community that is open exclusively to its owners and their guests, HMR is truly one of Arizona’s best kept secrets. Tucked away deep in the national forest, privacy seekers discover what is becoming harder and harder to find: a place close enough to the valley, with four seasons and a real temperature drop in the summer, surrounded by both manmade and natural beauty, secluded but not isolated, where kids can build forts in the summer and snowmen in the winter, all combined with the amenities of a luxurious getaway.

Today, Hidden Meadow Ranch is family owned and operated by some seriously people loving, nature respecting horse people. Its quickly growing, multigenerational membership community as well as HMRs deeply dedicated staff helps create the ultimate mountain getaway experience. As HMR kids roam free between the tipi village and the clubhouse, and members gather after a day of hiking, fishing, or skiing at Brodys cafe or the lodge restaurant for dinner by the fire, you can’t help but notice the pride in ownership among all HMR owners, who are heartwarmingly unified in their attachment to this beautiful property.

The truth is, no one ever really owns a hidden gem like HMR. Those who are lucky enough to be its guardians, are committed to preserve it, to find like minded people to share it with, to enjoy it with, and to help it thrive.

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