Fly-fishing Program

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Note:  A guided trip to any area fishery requires reservation 10 days in advance please.

Hidden Meadow Ranch has an active and varied program based around the unique fly-fishing opportunities in Arizona’s White Mountains, which offers over 240 miles of streams and more than 40 lakes within the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest.  In addition, the White Mountains Apache Reservation offers even more adventures with limited availability that our guides can access. The Ranch sits within a varied and underutilized high-altitude (6,000 feet to 10,000 feet) fishery unique to the American Southwest.

Trout Species

  • Rainbow
  • Brook
  • Cutthroat
  • Brown
  • Apache
    (native species only found in Arizona’s White Mountains)

Trout species include Rainbow, Brook, Cutthroat, Brown and the native Apache, which can only be found in Arizona’s White Mountains.  Our Apache Trout Club is made up of those fishermen who catch that rare, native species.  In addition to trout, the fun of catching an Arctic Grayling is something most wouldn’t think happens in Arizona but a couple of high-elevation lakes even offer this aggressive sportfish.

Hidden Meadow Ranch makes its fly-fishing experiences real adventures by combining, if desired, with horseback riding, allowing our members to reach spots that others don’t. Our guides know the forestlands in depth and can provide interesting history and information about the local flora and fauna.  You’ll have a great time and, if your other family members don’t fly fish, there’s a wealth of activities to keep them having a great time at the Ranch, too!

The Ranch itself includes two ponds, our Fishing Den and a Mercantile—creating casual fishing opportunities and offering extensive instruction in the sport and naturalist sides of the fly-fishing culture.

The HMR fly-fishing offerings are both on-Ranch and off-Ranch throughout the White Mountains.  On the Ranch property, the opportunities are as follows:

Trout fishing practiceLawn Trout

The central grass lawn in front of the Ranch House is always set up with hookless fly rods available to teach and test casting skills in pursuit of the “elusive lawn trout.”  As a casual social setting (with or without refreshments!), the Ranch House lawn is always a pleasant place to develop fly-fishing skills.

Lodge Meadow Pond

The Lodge Pond is the Ranch's small fishing pond located adjacent to the Ranch House.  This is a great place for junior fishermen to be introduced to fishing, whether using bait or flies with bobbers.  Parents can monitor this stocked pond from the deck of the Ranch House or join in the pond-side fun for fishing instruction from the Ranch staff.

Trout Pond

The 1.5-acre Trout Pond at the western edge of the Ranch is dedicated to fly fishing both for casual recreation and as part of the Ranch’s fly-fishing instruction programs.  Spring-fed, stocked with Rainbow trout, and with a windmill-driven aerator, the trout here are healthy and abundant.  Beside the Trout Pond is the historic Homestead Cabin originally built in 1916, where a morning cup of coffee or an afternoon glass of wine can be part of a relaxing experience from the porch rocking chairs.  The Trout Pond is ideally configured for casting clinics and development of fly-fishing skills that can be employed on the more technically demanding waters of the White Mountains streams and lakes.

Hidden Meadow Ranch fishing denFishing Den

All of the varied guided fishing experiences at Hidden Meadow Ranch begin and end at the Fishing Den, where a selection of Orvis-branded equipment is available for Ranch guests.  Waders, wading shoes, fly rods and an assortment of leaders, flies and accessories are available to enhance the fishing experience.  The Fishing Den also includes a casual lounge and fly-tying area in front of a potbelly stove, where the seasoned angler can practice his craft or the novice can experience the satisfaction of tying his own flies.  The large map on the wall tells the story of the fishing successes of the HMR guests and guides, and a library of books  provides fodder for learning more about the sport.  Leather albums list members of the Apache Trout Club and the Handtied Fly Catch Club.

Hidden Meadow Ranch MercantileThe Mercantile

The Hidden Meadow Mercantile offers a selection of flies and fly fishing accessories as well as clothing, gifts and logowear.